Celebrating the 200th Episode
of the Work Alchemy Podcast!

“WOW…Work Alchemy: The Impact Interviews Podcast is flat out awesome.”

Wow, 200 episodes! We’ve had fascinating guests, great conversations, and lots of inspiring ideas for YOU to change the world with your impact. Plus super satisfied listeners, who leave reviews like the one you just read.

I’m Ursula Jorch, host of the Work Alchemy: The Impact Interviews podcast and business coach to world changers.

Here’s what you need to know about the podcast:



In Work Alchemy: The Impact Interviews, Ursula Jorch has wide-ranging and deep conversations with highly successful entrepreneurs and leaders about what it takes to have impact. Seth Godin, Marianne Williamson, Prince Ea, Soledad O’Brien, and Martha Beck are just 5 of the 200 interviews to date.

 Work Alchemy was created for you: entrepreneur, solopreneur, and small business owner, so you can have your own unique impact. If you want insights, inspiration, and advice that is ACTIONABLE during your daily commute, workout, or personal time, Ursula serves it up right here.

 Each episode explores the journey of a successful leader – they share their sweet moments and their biggest challenges. Ursula’s conversational style and questions tap into nuggets of wisdom from each guest for you, Alchemist!


Praise for the Work Alchemy podcast:

“I’ve learned a lot, been inspired and even connected with incredible mentors by listening to the Work Alchemy podcast. I love the way Ursula interviews her guests, and the natural conversations that are full of wisdom and the tangible ways to make the greatest impacts with my work. The caliber of interview guests is really impressive and the range of topics is valuable for anyone wanting to improve their impact in the world. I highly recommend the Work Alchemy podcast!”



My definition of impact:

 Impact is where your unique self and business meet the world

and contribute to making it better for all of us.

It’s that dynamic interplay between YOU/YOUR BUSINESS and what you CONTRIBUTE that makes impact so powerful.

Your impact is unique. It’s valuable. Who you become to have that impact is who you ARE in your essence. It’s a growth journey to have impact.

We need the unique impact that only you can have.

I want to do all I can to support and inspire you to have YOUR own unique impact. You’re a worldchanger, and you need people around you who see that in you, and help you grow into it.

That’s the focus of my work and of the Work Alchemy podcast. To support and inspire worldchangers like you.

 “Very Inspiring, impactful podcast. I highly recommend it.”

Here we are, at 200 episodes! It’s a body of work that I’m proud of, and I want to celebrate with you, dear friend. Join me!  



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Ask Us Anything:

A unique and powerful 3-hour going group coaching session where you can ask Lena West, a dynamic business growth strategist, and me, Ursula Jorch ANY question about your business.  This is a rare opportunity to have TWO highly experienced and powerful business coaches guide you in the issues you’re facing in your business, right now.

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The Grand Prize

1. A very special prize to begin this list: a private session with Tanya Geisler, THE expert in the Imposter Complex, and me, Ursula Jorch, to explore what’s holding you back in your business

2. A unique and stunning work of art created from an actual sunflower leaf by celebrated glass artist Deb Williams to grace your space in this stay-at-home time (6.5” tall x 8.5” wide, comes with metal stand shown in photo)

3. Meaningful Work: A Quest to Do Great Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your Soul, a book by Shawn Askinosie with Lawren Askinosie. Shawn has been named by O, the Oprah Magazine as “One of 15 Guys Who Are Saving the World” – I’ll bet you can guess why he was on the podcast!

4. TWO bars of Askinosie Chocolate, a small batch chocolate factory sourcing 100% of their beans directly from farmers – I’ve tasted it, and I can tell you it’s g-o-o-o-d! This company was named by Forbes as, "One of the 25 Best Small Companies in America"

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5. Why Bother?, the latest book from author and personal growth pioneer Jennifer Louden – a practical guide on how to get out of the doldrums and back into life

6. A 30-minute Leadership Strategy session with Belinda Clemmensen, creator of the Women's Leadership Intensive, to support you in your role as a leader

7. The Book of Soul: 52 Paths to Living What Matters, the just-released book from renowned spiritual teacher Mark Nepo – a year-long powerful guide to inhabiting an authentic and wholehearted life

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8. Participation in Ask Us Anything – address any issues in your business with 2 business coaching mavens, Lena West and Ursula Jorch

9. A 90-minute Impact Assessment – a private session with Ursula Jorch to explore your impact: it’s impact alchemy for your business

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And a great big shoutout to Deb Williams, who offered her beautiful artwork just because she wanted to support me and the podcast – thank you, Deb xo!  (Check out her angel wings…breathtaking)

These people have IMPACT!

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